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Humble Beginnings

I have been an entrepreneur for over 24 years. Most of that time has been spent branding and promoting other businesses, people, places…you get the picture and the past three years I have realized that much of that “forced” creativeness was no longer serving me.
I have been blessed to be able to share what I know with other people and I have realized that I enjoy seeing other people “get it” as I am sharing this info. Recently I decided that this is now my focus. 
Yes, I am still doing design work and a bit of printing AND I am choosing to create more workshops for marketing, printing and self empowerment.
This truly feels like humble beginnings and I am reminded of the first studio I co-owned, except, with these new steps, I know in my heart that I am following my passion.
Ask yourself, what is it that you truly want to do in life? Are you doing it? See yourself in that place, space, whatever that is?
What is holding you back? or have you taken those steps and want to move forward?
I look forward to sharing my journey AND when I can be of service, let me know.

I will be posting workshop dates and info on the workshops page and I have added a wonderful resource to the resource page.

Stay tuned and dream big!!
"whatever YOU do, it starts with YOU!!"

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Where do ya’ start

OMG, how many times have I been asked that question? My answer? Pick something and get it going. Do you have any web presence? If not, start a blog and get on some social networking sites like facebook, myspace and youtube.
If you are a business, especially a brick and mortar join merchant circle and linked in.
The suggestions I’m giving above are all FREE, yes 100% FREE, they just require you spend a little time and some finesse in writing your profile(s).
Once you get going, join twitter, find friends and tweet to your hearts content. Twitter can be used as a way to softly and sweetly get your message out, connect with like minded folks and while you are at it, you can link it to several social networking sites, your blog or website automatically, just get the right “widget” for the right site.
Follow my blog for more inside stuff…
Follow me on twitter…. search: AnnaBanguilan
Send me an email if you have a question:

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Monkey BIZ-ness

 Do you have a business? If so, are you on merchantcircle? Linkedin? These are just a few social sites that you can set and almost forget.
Merchant Circle is great for connecting with existing and potential customers and a way to have a web presence if you don’t have one AND it is FREE!!!
Clients can also send testimonials and messages through either of these sites… don’t forget to fill out thePROFILE info with links back to your existing sites (if you have one).

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Mind Money

Over the years I have taken classes & paid for coaching ALL in the name of “boosting” one of my businesses (I Am a graphic artist and textile screen printer by day).
I finally realized WHY all of that wasn’t really paying off AND why my business was taking a nose dive in the opposite direction.
I had been following my passion, I WAS having fun, then over a period of time that “bliss” turned into obligation and a “I HAVE to go to WORK”!
Instead of an “I want to go have fun and create something” I was living in a “I have to mode” not listening to my inner self and then something happened… something I considered horrific and sent me into a MAJOR tail spin… My mom passed away! WOW! Talk about stopping you in your tracks and knocking you on your butt!
This made me take a good look at WHAT I was doing and HOW I was doing it, and I don’t mean in the external, what you can SEE with your eyes part. I mean look inside myself and HOW my perception of everything created HOW I was living (or not living) true to ME!
Let me get back to the “WHY” things weren’t working.
The WHY is the “passion”… You must have passion for what you are doing, creating etc.
Ask yourself WHY do you want to market you or your business, why are you interested in internet marketing? The answer shouldn’t be money, because money IS a source of energy that allows us to do the things we do…get in touch with the true why, dig deeper, is it because you want to have more physical freedom? Be able to provide for your family? Do the things YOU want to do, not what someone else wants to do?
I have been on an amazing journey of unlocking all types of “internal” info, stuff that I know AND just remembered!

If anything remember this… you are here to be happy and joyful, internal first AND that will create the external, ALLOW yourself to be happy and in that happiness you will be inspired and in that inspiration, so many other people will benefit.
I Thank my mom for that, she allowed me to be who I am when she was here in the physical and she showed me that I AM so much more than I see from day to day!
Thanks mom!
You still rock!!
I Love You!!
Oh, my new journey? I still do graphics and print t-shirts…I LOVE to create AND I have some awesome creative people that share this now FUN!!
I have also become a reiki master (google it, if you don’t know what that is, or email me), I am also a Law of Attraction Facilitator, speaker and soon to be author.
Talk about a turn around!
More on that check out
I am also a fine artist
Life has opened itself up in an amazing way!!
Thanks for reading!
You are appreciated!!